• A6 Octopus
    A6 Octopus

    Blub! The Octopus of "Studio Circus" makes everyone a little happier! Fun to send by mail, or to hang on the wall with, for example, Washi tape!

    Size: A6

    Material: 300 grams recycled matte paper

    € 1,50
  • A6 Pandas flags
    A6 Pandas flags
    € 1,50
  • A6 Elephants 'sweet dreams'
    A6 Elephants 'sweet dreams'

    Sleep softly! The elephants of "Studio Circus" wish you sweet dreams! Nice to hang above the crib. Also nice to send by mail, of course, to someone you wish for a sound night’s sleep!

    Size: A6

    Material: 300 grams recycled…

    € 1,50
  • A6 Noah's Ark
    A6 Noah's Ark

    Brave Noah took two of all the animals in the world into his ark. So many they do not all be seen on this beautiful postcard. But what animals can you see? Brighten up your room with this colorful eye-catcher.

    Size: A6 (Also…

    € 1,50
  • A6 Flamingo
    A6 Flamingo

    Awesome postcard for all small animal friends! Really nice in combination with the other posters and cards of "Studio Circus", making a cheerful menagerie on the wall!

    Size: A6 (Also available as a poster in A4 format)


    € 1,50
  • A6 Panda party
    A6 Panda party

    lt’s party time! Send out your birthday greetings or invite your friends to a great celebration. The party panda will defenitely be there, including party hat and garlands of course!

    Size: A6

    Material: 300 gsm recycled matt…

    € 1,50
  • A6 Tiger family 'grrrrr......'
    A6 Tiger family 'grrrrr......'

    One could almost get scared but this little tiger is not growling at all, it’s just trying to say grrrreetings! You could send these greetings by mail of course, but in A4 size they make for a cool poster, to put up on the wall…

    € 1,50
  • A6 Flamingo family
    A6 Flamingo family

    You can almost feel the warmth of the sun when looking at the two elegant flamingo’s on this postcard! Send out your sunny vacation wishes or put this card up on the wall toghether with the other exotic animals to create a…

    € 1,50
  • A6 Toucan
    A6 Toucan

    The tropical toucan is totally trendy! If one isn’t enough for you, complete your toucan family with a card or poster of baby toucan with its daddy/mummy.

    Size: A6 (also available as a poster in A4 size)

    Material: 300 gsm…

    € 1,50
  • A6 Toucan family
    A6 Toucan family

    The tropical trend is still alive, so of course the stylish Studio Circus collection contains these pretty toucans. You can extend this bird familiy with a postcard or A4 sized poster Toucan – the more birds the merrier!


    € 1,50
  • A6 Panda and mouse 'wow'
    A6 Panda and mouse 'wow'

    A little kid’s big achievement? This should surely be rewarded with a card, of even a poster! This cute picture says it all…

    Size: A6 (Also available as a poster in A4 size)

    Material: 300 gsm recycled matt paper

    EAN code:…

    € 1,50
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